Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


  • The creators of this privacy policy are refer as "We", "Our", and "Us".
  • Normal and lawful persons who use the Website are refer as "You", "Your", "Yourself" and "User".
  • Any personally identifiable information that we may collect from you is refer as "Personal Information”. For removal of any doubts, refer to Clause 2 please.
  • Any website, company or individual apart from the User and the creator of this Website is refer to "Third Parties".

Your Privacy:

As TRADE MART respects the privacy of your information. We are really satisfied with our commitment to protect your privacy and value your trust in us. We work hard to receive your confidence so that you can eagerly use our services and recommend others. Please read the following policy to understand how your personal information will be treated as you make full use of our Site.

Personal Data Management:

Trade Mart (the information manager/information fiduciary) will keep and arrange any private data submitted to or obtained by Trade Mart under this Confidentiality Notice.

Gathering of Information:

The individual data that we may collect about you mostly come under the subsequent types:    

  • Data You Give Us: We get and stock any data you make available while consuming our payment methods, or give us information some other way. In these instances, we have gathered information. You can choose not to make specific data available, but you may be unable to utilize a payment method. We use the information you provide to set up your account, process your transactions, respond to your appeals, provide payment options, and engage with you.
  • Automatic Data: Each time you connect with us, we gather and keep certain sorts of information. We utilize cookies in this scenario, as do many other sites, and we receive certain types of data when your web browser associates our Services. Take, for example, the information we've gathered. Our servers automatically record data that your browser provides when you interact with a third-party site that uses one of our services, such as a payment method. For more information on the kind of data your browser may send, click here. We may also collect and store information about your location and mobile device, including a unique identifier for your device. We may use your information for internal investigation and to provide you with location-based services including promotion, search results, and other changed material.
  • Our Relations with Customers: We communicate with clients on a regular basis by e-mail, and we communicate by phone to resolve consumer concerns or investigate suspicious deals, among other things. Your e-mail address is use by us also to send you notification in connection to your use of Trade Mart payment method, to send data about vital variations to Trade mart payment, as well as to distribute warnings and other releases that are required by law. You come to an agreement to accept such e-mail communications. We possibly will send you advertising posts of new facilities, suggestions or chances that might concern you. Please change your communication preferences in Your Account settings on if you do not want to receive advertising posts, other notices, or e-mails from us. Though, for customer service reasons we standby the right to send you notices, as well as notifications about your account or businesses using Trade mart payment. Similarly, when you open or receive e-mail from us, we may receive a confirmation to help us develop more relevant and entertaining e-mails. In order to avoid delivering unnecessary messages to our customers, we also compare our consumer list to lists provided by other companies.
  • Data from Other Sites: We may obtain information about you from other websites and add it to our account information. Visit this page to see examples of the data we collect.
  • By consuming or ongoing to use payment method, you come to an agreement to our use of your data (together with subtle private data) in agreement with this Confidentiality Notification, as might be modified from time to time by us in our decision. You also approve and permit us gathering, putting away, dealing out, transmitting and sharing data (with complex individual data) related with you with third parties or given for the purposes of the rules outlined in this Discretion Notification.
  • We may be mandatory to share the above-mentioned data with administration establishments and organizations for the resolutions of confirmation of personality or for avoidance, recognition or enquiry, as well as of cyber events, trial and punishment of crimes. You come to an agreement and permission for Trade Mart to reveal your data, if so essential, under valid law.

Use of Personal Information:

We bring together and use your personal data for the subsequent purposes:

  • Validating your individuality and leading safety, KYC (know-your-customer) and anti-money laundering assiduousness and background checks in order to set up user accounts.
  • Confirming your eligibility to enroll as a Platform user in agreement with our Terms of Use here.
  • Introduction / managing user accounts, as well as providing log-in IDs and emerging a Platform profile.
  • Given that users with customer service backing; replying to enquiries, response, and handling rights and/or differences.
  • Enabling message between Buyers and Sellers via the Stage, dealing out transactions and clearance between Buyers and Sellers prepared over the Platform, evaluating fund taking out needs from Sellers.
  • Provided that logistics and warehousing facilities (as well as, without restriction, customs agreement affirmations via the Platform).
  • Assisting customs permission statements / requests via the Platform.
  • Calculating and observing account security and business deal risks of consumers of, noticing and avoiding scam, money laundering and other security occurrences.
  • Distributing and aiding personalized marketing and advertising that we have faith in will be of attention to you established on the ways in which you use the Platform, your look through records, and order history.
  • Carrying out inquiries or numerical analysis in order to advance the content and design of the Platform, and to expand the product gifts and facilities on, containing, for example, consuming anonymized data for machine learning resolutions.
  • Finding, emerging and advertising and marketing items and facilities that we trust you will worth, as well as across browsers and devices, in accord with valid laws. Cookies or other parallel tools may be used to deliver you with promotion create upon your browsing actions and wellbeing. Where we are requisite by related law, we will seek out your consent prior to transfer you communications for marketing commitments;
  • If you are a Consumer, we will share information of the most recent look at products on the Platform to qualify Sellers, their corresponding associates and/or their third-party facilities provider to connect you with information of products and/or facilities that might concern you. You can choose not to share this data with Sellers via the Consumer Privacy Settings here.
  • While you use facilities that have need of right to use to contents stored in and/or tasks on your devices (together with but not restricted to contacts in address book, photos, videos, microphone and/or camera), we use your photos, videos, contact data in your address book, and other individual data to reply to your requests, make available the ask for services to you, and expand our services.

How to Collect Information:

In the past or at the time of gathering personal information, we will identify the purposes for which information is being gathered. If the same is not recognized to you, you have the right to appeal the Company to clarify the purpose of gathering of said personal data, incomplete execution of which you shall not be authorized to reveal any data whatsoever.

We will gather and use your individual data only with the aim of satisfying those purposes definite by us, within the possibility of agreement of the single concerned or as obligatory by law. We will only recollect personal data as long as essential for the accomplishment of those purposes. We will bring together personal data by legal and fair means and with the facts and permission of the specific concerned.

Personal data should be related to the dedications for which it is to be used, and, to the level required for those purposes, should be precise, complete, and updated.

Access of Information:

Trade Mart gives you right to use to data about your account, your usage of Trade Mart and your connections with us for the some degree of tenacity of seeing and, in firm cases, data updates. By logging into your Trade Mart account and looking at the My Account option, you can see information about yourself.

Updated data concerning recent transactions; personally identifiable data (containing name, e-mail, password, communications first choice); payment situations (involving credit card data, presented Trade Mart data of bank and balance account); settings of e-mail notice; your profile, and references are examples of data you can right to use easily at our site.

The data you make available will be made accessible to all users of our website. Please think of that any data you reveal becomes public information and you should use risk avoidance when deciding to unveil personally recognizing data.

Processing of Information:

We method personal data for the resolutions set out in this Privacy Policy, as labelled above. Our legal basis for data processing individual data will be subject to the private information concerned and the precise framework in which we gather it. Nevertheless, we will in general bring together and process personal data about you only where it is:

  • Needed for providing the services pursuant to the contract between you and to offer you with the facilities you appeal and to recognize and validate you so you may use the Platform.
  • Required to meet the terms with legal requirements (for example, to fulfill with valid accounting guidelines and to make mandatory revelations to law enforcement).
  • Compulsory for our legitimate business interests and not take priority over by your rights.
  • Where it is based on your consent.

Other Information Collectors:

This document merely concerns the use and disclosure of data we collect from you, aside from anything else specifically covered in this Privacy Policy. If you reveal your data to third parties, whether they are on our Websites or on other websites all over the Internet, they may be subject to different instructions on the use or disclosure of the information you provide to them. Third-party advertisers, to the extent that we use them, adhere to their own privacy rules. Meanwhile, because we have no control over third-party privacy practices, you should be cautious about disclosing your personal information to others.

Your Information Disclosure:

Due to the present supervisory surroundings, we cannot make sure that all of your remote communications and other individually identifiable data will never be revealed in ways not or else defined in this Privacy Policy. By way of instance (without restrictive and previous), we may be enforced to unveil facts to the government, law enforcement organizations, or third parties. Hence, though we use business-standard applies to guard your privacy, we do not assure, and you should not believe, that your personally recognizable data or remote communications would permanently remain isolated. We do but guarantee you that some and all disclosure of your individually distinguishable information shall be personally dejected to you by emailing you at given email address.

To any third party, we do not sell or rent any individually recognizable facts about you, as a matter of policy. Nonetheless, the subsequent reference to some of the ways that your personally distinguishable evidence may be disclosed:

External Service Providers: There may be numerous services accessible by external service providers that benefit you use our Websites. If you choose to use these elective services, and in the course of doing so, unveil data to the external service providers, and/or allow them authorization to gather data about you, then their use of your statistics is ruled by their privacy policy.

Law and Order: We collaborate with law enforcement requests for information, as well as other third parties to impose laws, such as knowledgeable assets privileges, scams, and other rights. We can (and you allow us to) reveal any information about you to law execution and other administration officials as we, in our only freedom of choice, believe essential or suitable, in linking with an inquiry of fraud, intellectual property violations, or other movements that is unlawful or may depict us or you to legal responsibility.

Your Profile Access, Reviews and Changes:

You can analysis and modify the data you submitted at the phase of registering, apart from Email ID. A choice for enabling such alteration shall be present on the Website and such modification shall be enabled by the User.

On altering of any data, your old data may or may not traced by us. We will not recollect in our records data you have wished to eliminate for certain conditions, such as to resolve disagreements, troubleshoot glitches and apply our terms and conditions.

Such previous data shall be entirely erase from our databases, including kept backup systems. If you have confidence in that any data we are holding on you is improper or imperfect, or to eliminate your profile so that others cannot view it, the User wishes to remediate, and prompt accurate any such improper data.


  • Cookies are alphamerical identifiers that we transfer to hard drive of your computer's over your Web browser to identify your browser we allow our systems so we can differentiate if you reappear on Trade Mart as its user by same browser and to run features such as Suggested for you, or custom-made ads on other sites.
  • The Help section of the toolbar on maximum browsers will tell you how to avoid accepting new cookies on your browser, on getting a new cookie how to have the browser alert you, or overall how to restrict cookies. Moreover, inactivate or erase alike data used by browser adjuncts by you, such as Flash cookies, by altering the attachment's backgrounds or go to the website of its maker. Nonetheless, you may lose the capability to use some features of Trade Mart, you leave cookies turned on will be mention from our side.
  • When you are sharing a computer and you permit cookies to be turned on, then be sure to sign off before leaving site.


  • We regard data as a valuable resource that must be safeguarded against loss and unauthorized access.
  • We use a secure server when you place orders or access your account information. Before it is delivered to us, the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software encrypts the information you enter.
  • To secure such data from unauthorized access by members inside and outside the Company, we use a variety of security mechanisms.
  • To protect the Personal Information supplied to us and information that we have accessed, we adhere to generally accepted industry standards.
  • There is no way to guarantee that data transmitted over the internet or over a wireless network is completely safe. As a result, while we make every effort to protect the information we collect about you, we cannot guarantee the security of any information you send us, and you do so at your own risk.
  • When we gather information through the Site, we do so on a secure server. Our servers are protected by firewalls. We may occasionally request verification of identity as part of our security processes before disclosing personal information to you. You are responsible for keeping your password and computer safe from unauthorized access.
  • Your password, security questions, and any other IDs used to access your account should all be kept confidential. When you've finished your session, remember to check out of your account and shut your browser window.
  • Your account's security is dependent on the security of your Credentials. DO NOT SHARE YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION WITH ANYONE.
  • If you feel someone else has acquired access to your Credentials, please immediately change them by signing into your account and altering your Profile settings, as well as contacting us.
  • We only reveal the last four digits of your credit/debit card numbers when we approve an order. For payment processing, we send the entire credit/debit card number to the appropriate credit card company.

Your Rights:

If not business to an exception, you have the following rights concerning your information:

  • You have the power to appeal for access to the particular data which we may hold or process about you.
  • You have the right to ask us for any correction to your data if we have inaccuracies in your data.
  • You have the right to take away your approval at any stage and stop us from using your information for any use.
  • You have the right of objection for the handling of your records.
  • You have the complete power to file an objection with an organizational authority.
  • You have the right to gain data as to whether private information are progressed to a third country or a global business.

We answer to all demands get from people needing to work out their information security rights understanding with substantial information assurance laws. On the off chance that you're mindful of changes or mistakes in your data, you ought to educate us of such changes so that our records may be overhauled or rectified.


Each passage of this security approach might be and remain isolated from and autonomous of and severable from all and any other passages in this, but where something else particularly points to or indicated by the viewpoint of the assentation. The decision or declaration that one or more of the passages are invalid and void might have no result on the persevering sections of this security arrangement.

User Consent:

  • Based on your approval, by consuming the website and/or by giving your data, you allow us to use your private data in the way mention in this Privacy Policy.
  • For other products and services we may contact you through email and get your permission for it.
  • You will be given a notification when data about you may be conveyed to third parties, and you will have the chance to opt out of the transfer of this data.
  • At any time, you have the full right to withdrawal of your agreement, as well as by unsubscribe the link at the end of any advertising email send by us.
  • Moreover, at any time for downloading or deleting your information from us for any or all our products & services, please email us by your registered email address at
  • Any alterations in Trade Mart privacy policy will be informed to you over our website in advance before implementation.


We will collect and recollect your private data to an extend we have a continuing valid trade need to do so. Either we will delete or anonymize it. If deletion is not possible, then we will isolate it from any further processing. Mostly, we will recollect this evidence only till such duration under relevant law as suggested.

Policy of Co-Branding Relationships:

Our company have reputable associations with additional parties which offer you the advantage of other products and services which we do not offer. For accessing those parties we provide you the usage of links to their websites or by co-branding websites on the internet the name of domain is common in URL, domain name or pages. Other parties policy of privacy may be different from ours. So we appreciate you to read that policy before replying of any deals, items or facilities offer by them.

Children Privacy:

We don’t provide any service to children. Under 18 are not eligible to purchase or sale any product from Trade Mart website. If they desire to trade on this website, it may be through their parents or legal guardian having user registration on this site. If any personal data are provided on this site by children without their guardian consent, to remove the information the parents or guardian should contact us at

Information of Device:

Device Attributes: data such as the operating system, hardware and software varieties, battery capacity, strength of signal, available storage size, type of web browser, app and file names and categories, and plugins.

Device Operations: data about processes and performances made on the device, such as whether a window is foregrounded or backgrounded, or movement of mouse (support in differentiating between human being from machines).

Identifiers: You have different user identification such as operating system, gaming, applications or accounts ID’s.

Device Signals: data nearby Wi-Fi access points and Bluetooth signals.

Data from device settings: data that you let us to obtain by device settings turn on from your side, such as GPS location, camera, and gallery access.

Connectivity and Network: data such as mobile operator name or ISP, linguistic, time zone, IP address, connectivity speed, and mobile network.

Amendment in Privacy Policy:

From time to time Our Privacy Policy may change. The latest form of the plan will run our usage of your data and we will continuously inform you through a prominent announcement on the Website or e-mail.

Automatic Decision Making:

As a liable firm, we don’t practice programmed decision-making or profiling.

Complaint Officer:

If there is any concerns related to privacy Trade Mart, contact us directly at the given contact information, and our team will try their best to solve it.





Contact Us:

If you have any concerns, requests, and questions regarding this privacy policy, you can contact us anytime at e-mail address.

Language of Privacy Policy:

In linguistic, if anyone faces an issue between the English description and another language description of our Privacy Policy, then the English version shall be successful.