Frequently asked questions



Q. What is Trade Mart?

Trade Mart is one of the few E-Commerce marketplaces in Pakistan that let you sell your goods, providing you a chance to fill a market breach and sell your products.

Trade Mart offers the right of entry to a consistent platform where persons and big businesses can raise and progress while bringing into long-term associations with clients. Trade Mart is not only a stage to increase one’s business but also a noticeable marketplace to easily sell in Pakistan.

Q. Am I tied into a contract if I want to sell on Trade Mart?

Yes, you will tie into a contract according to the given terms and conditions.

Q. Am I limited to the number of product listings at one time?

No, you can list as many as you desire this is totally free.

Q. Can I sell to users outside of my own country?

No, currently this feature is not available.

Q. How do I receive payments for the items that I have sold?

Your bank account details are needed for transferring your funds once the product has been pay for.

Q. How much does Trade Mart charge per sale?

Trade Mart charges nothing from the seller in any form.

Q. Do you have a customer support team?

Yes, from Monday to Saturday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. PST. You can contact us on the given contact details.

Q. Do I need an account to buy on Trade Mart?

Yes, for purchasing flyers and stuff sellers also need a customer account.

Q. What are the payment options available on Trade Mart?

Currently, Trade Mart allows 2 to 3 payment methods.

Q. I have found an error on Trade Mart or would like to make a recommendation.

User reviews really matter to us and we appreciate your honest feedback either good or bad, as we are trying our best to improve the experience for our buyers and sellers so we look forward to your suggestions. For making some suggestions or reporting something, contact us at


Signing Up:

Q. How can I sign up as a customer on Trade Mart?

Signing up as a customer on Trade Mart following steps given below

  • Click on My Account.
  • Select the option Register Now.
  • The form appears where you add your official name, email ID, phone number, and password.
  • Click on the Register button.
  • You are signed up as a customer successfully.

Note: If you want notification about the newest discounts and best deals you have to ensure to click and check on the Sign up for Newsletters.

Q. How can I reset the password for my Trade Mart account?

  • For password reset, go to My Account and choose the option Sign in.
  • At the bottom of the screen, click on the option Forgot Password.
  • Enter your official E-mail ID for the Reset Password.
  • Trade Mart will send you a password reset link through email.
  • Go to the password reset link that will connect you to the reset password page.
  • Now for your account enter a new password.

Q. How can I add a new delivery address to my account?

In the Trade Mart account, how can you add a new delivery address?

  • Log in as an identifier.
  • Go to My Account.
  • Go to Profile Details in the given options.
  • User Account Information page will open by getting on Profile Details.
  • Find Shipping Address by scrolling down and add a new address by removing the prior one.
  • Click on the Save button.


Order Placement:

Q. How do I place an order on Trade Mart?

For purchasing a product on Trade Mart, follow these steps:

  • Go to your desired product and choose your specifications and quantity.
  • Press Add to Cart button
  • View your cart and select the Check Out option.
  • Further, Proceed to Checkout
  • Confirm your personal information like name, phone number, shipping address, and billing method.
  • Agree to take the Terms and Conditions
  • Get on Place Order

Note: You will receive a call or email confirming your order.

Q. What are the shipping methods available at Trade Mart?

The single shipping method is used at Trade Mart.

Q. How do I contact a Vendor and ask questions before I purchase the product?

If you want to know about product detail go to the product page and click Ask a Question. There you can ask product-based queries such as product's warranty, specifications, etc.

Q. How should I determine the best seller for a certain product?

By viewing their ratings and comments you can choose your bestseller easily.

Q. What is the expected delivery time for an order on Trade Mart?

On official working days, Trade Mart prefers overnight delivery for all orders received till a specific time.

Q. How do I find out warranty information about the product before I purchase it?

You can ask about the availability of a warranty from the vendor directly by clicking on Ask a Question.

Q. Can I modify my order?

Yes, until or unless the order has not been ready to dispatch. Following things you can alter are:

  • Product Size and Color
  • Contact Number
  • Shipping Address.

For the Modification Process follow these steps:

  • Go to Sign In
  • Click on My Account
  • Select My Order option
  • Click on Modify Order

For any further amendment kindly contact us through e-mail.

Q. Can I change the quantity of my order?

It’s better to place a new order with the changed quantity of the same product.

Q. What do you mean by "Out of Stock"?

It’s mean on at that moment product is not available in stock with any of the vendors. But once it is back in stock, you can place the order.

Note: Turn on the notification and provide your email ID. You will be notified, once the product is back in stock.

Q. How can I download the invoice for my order?

By following steps download the invoice:

  • Log in to your Trade Mart account
  • Go to My Account
  • Click on My Orders
  • Select the related Order ID from My Orders
  • Get on Download Invoice



Q. How can I cancel my order?

You have the option to cancel your order unless it has not been dispatch. Follow these steps for canceling your order:

  • Sign in to your Trade Mart Account
  • Go to My Orders
  • Select Cancellation Request

Q. Are all types of cancellations are accepted?

No, only valid reasoning cancellation is accepted by the control team after a detailed inspection of the cancellation request.


Returns and Replacements:

Q. Do I have to pay the shipping charges if I return a product?

No shipping charges apply on return products.

Q. Do I have to return all the products in my order if I find a problem with a single product?

No, you can only return the default/damaged product.

Q. Can I return or get my items replaced after the return period has expired?

No, after the expirer period no appeal of return and replacement of any product is accepted.

Q. What is the Return Policy?

  • Return/Replacement appeal for any Order should be referred to in 10 days of getting the manufactured goods. But, in case of Damaged/ Missing/ Empty Packages/Wrong Product, the application must be raised up within 2 days of getting the product.
  • Refund/Replacement will be originated only upon getting the product.
  • Replacement will be subject to the accessibility of the product.
  • In case the product was smashed while in your ownership, Trade Mart will not be below any legal responsibility to the procedure of refund/replacement.
  • Order will replace in following situations:

- Wrong Size/ Color/ Style/ Quantity

- Missing Parts/ Accessories & Empty Packages.

- Defective/ Damaged (if not under Manufacturer's Warranty*)

- Not as per descriptions

  • Original Price tag and Packaging slip should be on Return Package.
  • There are few Non-Returnable products for further details kindly refer to the product page.
  • In case of products having Manufacturer’s Warranty, you are compulsory to visit the Brand Service Centre.



Q. How will I get my refund?

Refund will be credited to your Trademart account wallet or you may order something else in that payment range. No cash refund is available on Trademart.

Q. What are the modes of refund available after cancellation?

The same mode of payment is used for a refund as the payment was made. But it doesn’t apply to COD payment.

Q. How long do I have to apply for a refund?

The refund period is 15-days from the purchase date. You can apply for a refund/replacement within the given duration.

Q. When do you process a Refund?

Refunds are usually created in the following conditions:

  • When Prepaid Orders are canceled by Customer/Seller/Trademart before delivery.
  • If the courier partner is not capable to carry out the order.
  • According to our return policy, your wish to return the product is accepted.

Q. How long does it take to process a Refund?

It is subject to the method of payment. Please refer to the list below:

Note: If you have not got the refund within the specified time, please contact your bank's customer care to identify the status of the transaction.

Q. How long does it take to initiate a Refund?

We use two ways of initiating a refund:

  • At receiving the product at our Centre.
  • After the returned product is delivered to the seller.

Note: We will inform you about the method and timelines before refund.

Q. When does a Refund get declined?

When Order ID is missing on the package and receive the product is not as per your claim.

Q. How do you process a refund for an order, purchased using a Gift Card?

By this mode of payment, your refund will be credited to the wallets of your Trademart account.

Q. How can I track the status of my Refund?

Follow this path to check refund status:

  • Go to Login
  • Click the option My Orders
  • Check the Refund Status

Q. Will my shipping charges be refunded if I ship the product?

If you do Self-Shipment, Trade Mart will pay back the courier charges (up to Rs.300) in form of Wallets.

Q. How will I get my refund in case of payment mode is COD?

In this case, there is no refund in form of cash it will either be credited to your Trademart account wallet or you may order something else in that payment range.

Note: We don’t refund in Cash.



Q. What are various modes of payment available?

We agree to take numerous modes of payment such as Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and Cash on Delivery (COD). You can view and choose your payment mode at the time of checkout.

Q. Is the Cash on Delivery (COD) option available?

Yes, COD is available on all products.

Q. How can I confirm my COD order?

It is the same as other methods of payment. So our sales team member calls for confirmation.

Q. My order transaction failed but the amount has been deducted from my bank account. What should I do?

Payment can fail due to a procedural bug or incorrect payment authorizations. If the amount has been subtracted from your account deprived of order approval, please do not place another order for the same product. In 48-hours, by the system confirmation of order will take place automatically and through Email and SMS, you will be notified. Though, if you get a payment failed notification or your order is not verified, kindly check with your bank for information or contact us. It might be vital to give in to a screenshot of your account report.

Note: Please stay rest guaranteed that your amount will be given back to you in case of failed order transaction.


Discounts and Promotions:

Q. How can I get information about the latest discounts and promo codes available on Trade Mart?

You can always subscribe to Trade Mart and turn on your notifications. You will be informed by email or message.

Q. How should I add the Promo code?

Promo Codes are added on the Checkout page. The choice for using promo code will seems at the end of the Checkout page. Enter the given promo code and get on Apply button to activate discounts on your order.

Q. Can I use more than one promo code for my order?

No, only a single promo code for each order is allowed.

Q. Is my promo code discarded if my order I canceled or returned?

Yes, the promo code will be discarded because once it will be applied then it cannot be reused.

Q. How does Wallet work?

On different purchases, you will get different reward points and the collection of these reward points at a certain period turns into cashback rewards or gifts.

Q. What are Multiple Coupons?

  • Coupon codes cannot be exchanged on our Affiliates & Alliances Offers.
  • Trade Mart has the right to change or cancel any promotion at its freedom of choice.
  • Coupon codes can be used only once per user.
  • These codes will not return back to customers if return/cancel is applied to their order.



Q. How do I register myself as a Vendor/Seller on Trade Mart?

  • Go to Become a Seller
  • Choose a plan which suits you best
  • The form appears where you add your Company
  • Change your plan according to your desire
  • Add your First Name and Last Name
  • Add your E-mail
  • Tick the checkbox for agreeing with given terms
  • Press Submit button for submission

Note: Within 12 hours, our team would approve your seller account through email verification

Q. How much fee do I have to pay for being a Vendor/ Seller on Trade Mart?

No, it is a completely free process.

Q. What are the benefits of selling on Trade Mart?

We believe in the satisfaction of customers. With us, you will increase your profits with less advertising fees, free of cost online business will lead to more sales more customers more happiness.

Q. How do I upload products on Trade Mart?

For adding new products:

  • Go to the right side and click on the button
  • Select Create new Product/Bulk Product and add details of your desire product.
  • For adding bulk products you can upload a CSV file having product listings in bulk.
  • Details for your product such as Product Title, Category, Description, Images, Variants, SKU (Product Code), Price, In Stock and Short Description, etc.
  • Set Status to be Active
  • Add a unique product code for the identification of your product. Assigning automatic code to the variations of the same listing.
  • For offering a discount, you can reference the List Price less than the Actual Price of the product. Otherwise, mention the same price or leave the space empty.
  • For the SEO part add details like Meta Tag and Meta Description.
  • Use add-ons for customizing your products
  • Go to the quantity discount tab and add discounts.
  • Click on Create button.

Note: This will take at least 12-24 hours for the team to check your product listings and approve them. After approval, you’re ready to sell active products.

Q. How do I add variations and features to my product?

Adding multiple variations for the product:

  • Double click on Product.
  • The edit Product page will open from there switch to the Features tab and Variation tab.
  • Choice the Variations, Features, and Specifications that match with your listing.
  • Set your pricing and quantity available for each variation
  • Click on Save.

Note: You can open the products page. By hovering on the product setting button appear on the right side. Click on that button dropdown list appear select edit product and add features and variations by going on related tabs.

Q. What are the minimum and maximum order quantities?

Minimum order quantity: the minimum number of items that a customer can buy at a time.

Maximum order quantity: the maximum number of items that a customer can buy at a time.

Q. What are the supported formats and sizes of images for the product?

Images should not go beyond 2MB. Supported formats are JPEG, GIF, and PNG.

Q. What are the ‘Options Settings’ and how are they used?

Options Settings let you modify the settings and choices for creating the goods look and make allowances for products.

Options Type:

It lets you choose by what means the selections and alternates of this product seem and work on the storefront:

Simultaneous:  Consumers can select the variation for each preference freely and in any order. Example: Blue small, red large, blue medium

Sequential:  Selections and alternates are taken one after another, in a given set of orders Blue Small, Blue Medium, Blue Large

Exceptions type: Select a category of product choice exceptions:

Forbidden:  Identify Forbidden groupings on the Options tab. Clients won’t be able to buy a product when they pick out a forbidden combination of selected variations.

Allowed:  Identify the Allowed mish-mash on the Options tab. Clients will simply be able to choose these combinations of preferred alternates.

Q. What is meant by List Price?

List Price is for offering discounts on any product. For applying list price set its value lower than the original price of the product that will display a discount label on the product at a storefront.

Note: This is optional.

Q. What is meant by ‘In Stock’?

This term refers to the number of products available in the stock. You can optionally indicate the total number of products available in your stock.

Q. What do the options in ‘Inventory’ mean?

Track with options:  if you fix the selection to track with options, you'll need to fix the quantity of in-stock pieces on your own for each mish-mash of the options. This way, if one of the variations from the listing has been sold out, you can still use the same listing to

Track without options:  You don’t need to fix up the quantity of in-stock pieces separately for each option.

Do not track:  The record is not hunted down according to sales, you need to by hand alter the stuff left every now and then.

Q. What are Search Words?

These are the list of words that help in searching for products easily.

Q. What is the difference between Full Description, Short Description, and Promo Text?

Full description: Full description is the detail about the product that appears on the product details page of the storefront. The explanation can be either plain text or a setup HTML text. Use the tools given in the Full Description text box for this.

Short description: It is a short description of the product that seems on the storefront product list.

Promo text: It is an added block with data about the product that display on the product page at the top right side. This makes it easier for users to glance at the specifications and features of the product.



You have to be beware of false (duplicate/unofficial) sites and fake offers. Trade Mart advises you to never share your Account Details like Personal Details, Passwords, OTP, or Credit/Debit Card Details with anyone on Call or Email. Our representative will not call any of our customers and ask them to deposit funds in any Bank Account. This is not in our policy if any issue occurs then officials with contacting our customers with the proper channel. Because we never Offer any Contest with Cash Rewards or Lottery Prizes. Instantly state any Deceitful or Doubtful Email/Call/SMS to Trade Mart customer care team.

Our team tries their best to provide you complete safety but also you have to be careful while sharing your details and devices with anyone.


Customer Service:

Q. How can I contact customer service for my queries?

You can easily contact us on the given contact details.